Here’s how People are Receiving Fake Packages due to Daraz Data Leakage Scandal

Daraz is a very good e-commerce store and if we say it has brought an online shopping revolution in Pakistan, we won’t be wrong, However, when something gets famous in Pakistan, we should be ready to welcome the frauds and scams associated with it. The same happened with Initially, its service started deteriorating as previously Daraz used to monitor all the sellers themselves, but with time we started getting fake things, though Daraz is not completely responsible for it, but yes the company should keep some check and balance. After some time we also started noticing that the product of the same price varied soo much that there was bitterly a difference of thousands of rupee in one product. Again, Daraz is not completely to be blamed alone since it’s all about the registered sellers bidding their products according to their wishes but then again should have kept a check and balance. However, now things are getting worse. Starting from the Drone scam to sending them the vlogging kit with DSLR, the story doesn’t end here. Now the company is witnessing a Daraz data leakage Scandal for which Daraz is solely responsible.

So What’s the Story?

So a man named Umar Gujjar came up to the Voice of Customer to report something horrific he had to go through. He ordered an air fryer worth rs 16,000 from Daraz. However, before the original Daraz team could deliver the product, some fake Daraz team delivered a box having the same packaging and received the amount. It should be noted here that the box was packaged in the same packaging in which Daraz delivers the things to us having the orange logo on a white-colored shopper. After five hours the Daraz original team came up with the original package. So, the man had already wasted his 16,000 rs.

Here’s how People are Receiving Fake Packages due to Daraz Data Leakage Scandal

The issue here is directly associated with Daraz. It seems there is some data leakage issue and the company is compromising the data taken by users in some or another way. When a user uses some app and have carried on monetary practices, and even enter phone number and address, then all the information of users is the company’s responsibility and if the company is not able to do so, there is a loophole in its system that needs to be immediately checked.

While the Daraz has not come up with any statement, it should come forward and make its users understand that how this all happened and what measures it is taking to keep our data saved. Only then we should be buying products through Daraz as there is nothing more important and private than the Data associated with us.

We have contacted Daraz regarding this and it has come up with this statement:

“In light of the recent delivery frauds, we would like to inform our customers that there has been no data breach and all our servers are intact. We assure you that customer protection is our utmost priority and we are working closely with all stakeholders to address the issue as soon as possible.’

We are also in contact with the person who shared the overall story and will get back to you with the conclusion.

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