Here’s how you can see new position icons on Play Store

Some of you might not bother checking the scores or reviews of Play Store apps. The Google Play Store has now been joined by new chart position icons, making it much easier than ever before to monitor the rise and fall of individual apps inside category leaderboards.

We’re looking at the charts from the Play Store that could tell you about the ranks. On the leaderboard, the ranks periodically shift. You can search the latest chart position icons on the top app lists if you’re in the Play Store now.



new chart icons

These visual indicators as shown in the above picture can really help to quickly recognize patterns in downloads by aspiring developers and industry stalwarts. With WhatsApp under extreme scrutiny, alternative encrypted messaging apps are really taking off, as we’re seeing at the moment.

It’s not apparent what the conditions  are for rise or fall. The downloads are being monitored, and as per our source, at what rate is not known. How many slots a game or app has shifted up or down is not specified.

Let’s hope the trend icons for the Play Store chart could be further established and include tags for released recently apps or those on sale. Getting clearer tags will only make it a lot easier for new apps to emerge and make the experience much better.

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