Here’s the List of LG Eligible Devices for Android 12 Update

As you all know that last week LG announced its exit from the smartphone industry. LG users having the latest devices were stressed out due to this abrupt decision of the company. In order to ease their pain, LG, later on, announced that it will continue to offer multiple updates for some of its devices. Since there was too much confusion among users regarding the availability of Android 12 Update to devices, LG has released an official list on its official website, which shows the complete list of LG phones eligible for Android 12 and 13.

The company has also shared the Android 11 update roadmap.

Here’s the List of LG Eligible Devices for Android 12 Update

Below is the list of Android 11 eligible devices along with their status:

Phone name Rollout date Status
LG Velvet 5G April 2021 Completed
LG G8X Q3 2021 Testing
LG Velvet (LTE) Q4 2021 Testing
LG G8S Q4 2021 Testing
LG Wing Q4 2021 Testing
LG K52 Q4 2021 Testing
LG K42 Q4 2021 Testing

While it was the list of Android 11 compatible devices, some premium devices from LG will be getting Android 12 and Android 13 update. Below is the the list of Android 12 compatible devices along with their statuses.

Phone name Android 12 update Android 13 update
LG Wing Eligible Eligible
LG Velvet (5G) Eligible Eligible
LG Velvet (LTE) Eligible Eligible
LG V50S Eligible Not eligible
LG V50 Eligible Not eligible
LG G8 Eligible Not eligible
LG Q31 Eligible Not eligible
LG Q52 Eligible Not eligible
LG Q92 5G Eligible Not eligible

This is indeed a great news for users as now they can have their LG devices updated to the latest versions and in a couple of years they can buy the new ones.

LG has also specified that after this, users will not be getting new update, so they should have plan B.

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