Here’s The Sneak Peek Of iOS 13 ‘s Features.

Here is what iOS 13 will bring.

After so much wait, the iOS 13 is almost here. Within a week, iPhone users will use it. The latest version of iOS will be finally available by tomorrow. It will be available for the iPhone 6S model and models after that. There are many changes in this version as compared to the previous one. Let us discuss the features of iOS 13 in detail.


iOS 13
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Apple’s iOS 13 is coming with its own updated Apple Maps this time. Moreover, with the help of 3D technology, a user will view cities. Also, the app will automatically point out the user’s frequently visited places. It will also create a list of places the user wants to visit. Is not it amazing?

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is Apple’s new gaming subscription service. It will launch within the release of iOS 13. It will cost $5. It will offer more than 100 games. It will be a total game-changer for mobile applications. however, it will take a few months or years to gain popularity.

Updated Privacy

The company, Apple has a new feature concerned with user privacy and security. It will let the user to log-in to any third-party application and other websites with the user’s Apple ID. A user can use the option i.e. Sign in with Apple. He can also choose Apple to create an email address for social sites. Thus, a user does not need to provide every single detail while creating a new account.

Dark Mode

Here comes the most awaited feature of iOS 13. It is a dark mode feature. The coolest and user-friendly mode. It contributes to more battery life and makes it easier for the user to use his smartphone at night.


With this OS update, Siri is also getting changed. It will be able to share audio from the user’s AirPods. Further, it will be able to read the user’s incoming messages. This is useful amongst all iOS 13′ features.

Swiping Keyboard

iOS 13 features
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iOS 13 is coming up with the swiping keyboard feature. It is much easier to use while driving or when the user is not able to tap letters one by one.

Thus, iOS 13’s features are user-friendly. They are especially designed to keep user’s comfortability in view. How about you? Do you like these features? Tell us in the comment section.

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