Top 10 ‘Work From Home’ Jobs/Businesses Ideas

If you are in search of the best part-time or full-time, house-based jobs or business ideas for Pakistan, here is all that you need.

The following Best 10 ‘Work From Home’ Jobs/Businesses Ideas will provide you with opportunities to earn a handsome amount of profit from the comfort of your homes. The good thing is that these business ideas will prove to be the very initial step towards a vast business setup you can later adopt. So, Good Luck with them!

1.Home Bakery

Top 6 'Work From Home' Jobs/Businesses Ideas
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Customized cakes are becoming a trend lately in Pakistan. Weddings, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers and Birthdays now seem incomplete without a customized cake. So why not cash this opportunity? Home bakers are in high demand nowadays and can generate huge profits by using their baking and cake decorating skills. If you are looking for a home-based business and are good at baking then you must go for this one!


For the digitally skilled people who wish to have a home-based side business or a home based-full time job, they can simply opt for Freelancing as it is a very vast industry with great opportunities to earn profits from the comfort of your home.

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Youtubing has become one of the best sources of income lately. You need to have some badass skills and a camera to shoot them for you and then create a YouTube channel to show the world what you have got in you and earn money on getting viral.

4.Art And Craft

Props and customized crafts have become much of a trend. Wedding, bridal showers, baby showers, school and university parties all demand for those trendy backdrops and cool props to show off and pose with. If you have a skill at hand you can opt for this really low-investment, home-based business. And you can even expand it by providing your services to wedding decor companies!

5.Home-Based Boutique

Boutiques don’t always have to be as a classy outlet showcasing high-end brands. I have witnessed home-based boutiques which tend to sell high-end brands and replicas to customers made over time using their PR. It is one of the best and the initial step for a clothing business and proves to be very profitable. Home-boutique can be a very good option for women who cannot leave home what want to start a business of their own.

6.Makeup Saloon

Almost everyone I know today is either becoming a fashion or a makeup blogger. And in no time they open up their home-based makeup saloon. And why not? When you have got such professional makeup art skills why not help others and cash it well at the same time? Makeup has evolved into a necessity today and if you are an expert at it, girl you are on fire!

7. Social Media Marketing

It can rightly be said that if a business is not shifted online by the next 5 to 10 years it will completely shun to exist. The existence today is indeed ensured by it being online on record. Thus, social media marketing has developed into a much wider and in-demand industry creating hundreds of jobs out of it. If you are aware of the use of social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter you can manage to promote a business via these platforms and earn from home with ease. Social Media Marketing is a very good home-based job to go for especially in 2020.

8. Online Coaching/Teaching

The world has recently experienced the ultimate online capability of itself as Corona forced us to stay inside we have been able to keenly observe the importance of online education so that they may not be at a halt no matter what the circumstances are. If you have a skill, whether digital, academic or any other, then why not share them with the world and make a fortune out of it. There have been a couple of websites offering online courses where you can sign up as a teacher and video record your courses in order to get a lifetime earning. Whether it lectures on academic skills like content writing, creative writing or digital skills such as photoshop or freelancing. Moreover, if you are a dietitian or a gym trainer you can also sign up for a personal coach!

9. Homemade Food Catering

People working in offices and living in hostels need to purchase food daily to eat and mostly they crave home-made food that is not only clean but also healthy. You can start a homemade food catering business by setting up quota with offices and hostels to make them a set menu on fixed monthly payment plans.

Moreover, the trend of ordering diet food is at its peak. So you can master and learn Keto diet plans and other such diet plans and offer them to individuals.

10. Desi Food Products

Desi food products in Pakistan are now rare to find unfortunately. But people are slowly coming back towards them and they often find it difficult to get them in the market. Even if someone claims it to be 100% organic they mostly are contaminated with flavours and preservatives. In these times of nutritious awareness, you can go for a 100% organic food hub. Products like Desi eggs, Desi Ghee, Home-made Butter, home-made pickle etc. Keep on adding to the list, maintain a good reputation and you will manage to generate huge profits. This is one of the best home-based business to go for in 2020.


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