Honor Smart TV- A Majestic Invention

Honor's latest invention will make living room alive again

Honor’s President George Zhao has declared that Honor will launch its first smart TV very soon. According to rumors, it has been said that it will release on August 2019. The details of Smart TV are not disclosed yet. It is stated that it is entirely different from other TVs in the market. The associate partner is working with Honor in this purpose is Jingdong. Zhao mentioned,  “not a TV, but the future of TV”. Zhao further declared that it is a kind of TV that will make the living room alive again. Families will have time together due to this majestic invention.

Smart TV integrated with IoT gadgets

The president says that it will be integrated with other electronic gadgets. For instance, laptops, mobile phones, Xbox, etc. It will be the source of infotainment more than entertainment. It has the capability of interaction and sharing information within families as well. Its strong computing abilities will also be attractive to users. It will use 5G wireless technology paired up with other IoT devices connected at home. For instance, if clothes in the washing machine are dried or water in the dispenser is finished, the notifications can be displayed on a smart TV or an alert can help the user to be notified about the activities performed.

Honor Smart TV
PC: techfreshgadgets

According to statistics, 142.1 billion yuan were earned from TV sales last year. The companies included Xiomi and Skyworth. This smart screen TV is blended with Smart TV and Internet TV. It is expected that after the phone, this smart TV business, will be a bigger and better experience. It has already created hype in the TV market. After its entry in the market, the MagicBook and Honor 9X are lined up. The Huawei product will boom into the market and if it is liked and appreciated by the public, it will result in high sales. It must be noted that no further details are revealed. How much it will cost, it is still a question.


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