Hospitality Industry of Pakistan Successfully Established Online Presence

The advent of technology has opened the doors to a changed world for people, organizations and countries. It in turn has transformed the way people live and companies conduct business.

Internet is one of the technical inventions that have opened the floodgates of a different yet improved communication. It has enabled people all over the globe to interact and to perform various types of transactions. Gone are the days when people were restricted to choose only from what was available in the brick and  mortar stores. The internet has not only stretched out the options available to consumers but it has also provided them with ‘convenience’- a privilege they were not able to enjoy earlier.

Hospitality Industry of Pakistan Successfully Established Online Presence

On the other hand, online platforms are used by the businesses as a means to connect, in a better and fruitful manner, with their target market all over the world. They are no longer restricted to conduct business and to expand their operation because of various barriers such as geographical barriers.

Amongst the various industries, the hospitality industry is one example of how technology has served as a major boost to revenues and customer base among other things. As this particular industry, with its four sectors including travel and tourism and recreation, revolve around quality of experience, companies in the hospitality industry are trying to enhance this experience by cashing out on the convenience and increased choices that technology, in particular the internet, provides.

To enhance the quality of experience of the better-informed customers, who have access to information in this age of technological advancement, hospitality industry is incorporating various technical inventions in their business models. Some of these changes are outlined and discussed below.

●     Emergence of e-Commerce Businesses

The emergence of e-commerce businesses such as Jovago Pakistan, which is the No1 online hotel booking website in Pakistan, has lead to increased awareness among customers of the hospitality industry regarding the brands that are present in the market. Moreover, customers are also aware of the discounts on various products and services, that they can avail through these start up businesses, which results in saving money.

●     Option of Online Booking

Technology has brought convenience in people’s lives by enabling them to shop online. Customers can order verily anything; be it food, clothes, or even a hotel room! Apart from customers, the businesses are also able to enjoy the perks brought about by online shopping as it not only attracts more customers but it also results in cost saving and efficient management.

●     Mobile Communication and Automation

Gone are the days when people had to stand in long queues to check into airports. Nowadays, people are able to avail a number of hospitality services, including getting e-tickets, checking in through automated kiosks, availing digital room service. This has not only made the customer’s overall experience easier but enhanced as well.

If you know about any other reasons as to how hospitality industry has gone online, then do share it with us in the comments section below.

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