Houseparty Video Conferencing App Records 50M Sign Ups

Houseparty, the popular video chat platform that Fortnite developer Epic Games purchased in 2019, has seen huge growth as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. With government lockdowns stopping users from being able to remotely meet friends and other loved ones, user appetite for video messaging applications has increased. This has culminated in apps reaching record numbers in the video conferencing segment in March, recently recorded by app store analytics company. Houseparty, however, has been silent on its own metrics until now. 

Houseparty has made the No. 1 Networking platform along with the U.S. at 82 worldwide locations Retailer software. It was also No. 3 Network Device on the U.S. Retailer Google Play. Houseparty has at times applied on various video messaging devices to youthful consumers than these, as it’s built for group hangouts. The app interacts with Snapchat, for example. 

Houseparty has also seen high smartphone downloads, with installs spiking in recent weeks, according to data from ApptopiaHouseparty has seen 17.2 million new installs across iOS and Android in the last 30 days, according to their figures. Nonetheless, a separate Sensor Tower third-party survey saw 28 million installations. 

Finally, it’s the fact that it aren’t so many times in the life of an company the position it will really item its outsized success like that. The fact that about 158 million Americans have urged to live in residence is unparalleled. 

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