How Nokia Phones “Gets Better Over Time”? Explained!

Nokia adopts the latest Android operating systems quickly to make the device smarter, faster and adapt to your behavior as you use it, so your smartphone experience gets better over time.

Nokia is aware of the fact that having great hardware is essential in this day and age, so they have always delivered premium design across all Nokia phones and they also pay close attention to software. Nokia knows that consumers need phones that are not obsolete. Users want smartphones that understand their needs and behaviors along with safe and secure at the same time.

How Nokia Phones “Gets Better Over Time”?

The plus point is that all of Nokia smartphones will get benefit from regular security updates for three years, OS updates for two years and will come with the latest Google-designed software and innovations, from AI to security. The consumers of Nokia’s phone will always enjoy the latest operating systems across all price points without compromising the consumer’s experience and device performance. Nokia believes in purposeful innovation that’s why it has teamed up with Android AI and machine learning. There Nokia smartphones become more efficient over time.

As new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality become more prevalent, Nokia’s consumers will expect to have these technologies in their smartphones.

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Nokia’s phones offer best in class materials and deliver reliability along with the durability through purposeful design and engineering. The company is providing a unique display experience with a stunning, compact design and premium build quality you expect from a Nokia smartphone.

Nokia phones are also guaranteed to receive two letter upgrades from the time of their public launch. These include the Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 7 plus, Nokia 6.1, Nokia 6.1 Plus, Nokia 5.1 Plus, Nokia 5.1 and Nokia 3.1. The company launched Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 in 2017 under the Android Nougat software and only in two years they have been upgraded to the latest Android 9 Pie. Nokia’s customers can enjoy devices that get better with time.

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