How to Access Blocked Websites on Android?

Due to Internet censorship and filtering, several websites are banned in different countries. Such websites or platforms are more commonly blocked than others, including Tiktok, Facebook, and Twitter, etc. You must know your rights, learn to protect your Internet privacy, and maintain free access to the Websites without restrictions.

The Internet is a free entity; it should not be restricted to all and should be an accessible place for everyone. Below a list of tricks that will help you to how you can browse blocked Android websites freely.

What would you do to get your Android device access to a blocked site? It is easy. A few alternative solutions are available to access blocked websites by changing the DNS or using the browser Tor. Here we share few solutions to access blocked Android websites!!!

How to Access Blocked Websites on Android

Check here to more about the multiple ways to solve the block website issue and can visit blocked Android websites. You may have known of some of these methods before.

Trick # 1: Explore Blocked Websites with VPN – Tunnelbear App Free VPN

TunnelBear is a free and premium VPN app that allows blocked pages to open. TunnelBear, this VPN application not only provides access to blocked Android websites but also compresses data being sent over the internet. It is super easy to use and faster.

The key feature in a TunnelBear VPN app is the user interface. The free version of TunnelBear has bandwidth limits. Obviously, you should unblock every website and use Wi-Fi in public areas easily. Even if you use some free public network, you will be invisible.

This compression increases the browsing speed considerably. Installation and use are incredibly simple. A bandwidth limit of 500MB/month is available for free. You can buy paid plans if you want to get more volume. The following platforms are compatible with TunnelBear software: Mac, iPhone, Windows, and Android.

Step 1: Download the app

Go to the Google Play Store, download, and install the TunnelBear app.


Step 2: Open the App

Open the TunnelBear app, Create an account. Use your email, create a password, and verify the account email.


Step 3: Connect the App

Tap the button to connect to the VPN with the internet. Now you can open the restricted website.

 access blocked websites on Android

The TunnelBear software allows you to open restricted applications. Let’s assume you’re in Pakistan and you’re looking for the Tiktok app when it was blocked.  You will use the TunnelBear software to install banned apps and access them.

Trick # 2: How to Access Blocked website on Android with Orbot – Proxy with Tor

Orbot is a very effective, free proxy app for Android smartphone blocked websites. Orbot: Tor is a free proxy application that helps other applications to use the Internet securely. It uses Tor to encrypt internet data and to browse blocked websites, messages, and emails without risks. Tor is an open network that can protect against the barriers to data and privacy, state security called traffic monitoring, and confidential business activities.

Step 1: Download the app

Search Orbot from the Google Play Store and install it.

Access Blocked Websites on Android

Step 2: Start the app

Open the app and power up Tor.

Access Blocked Websites on Android

Step 3: Install Orweb

Then Orweb app, a browser supported by Tor, will be installed. The blocked websites on your Android smartphone can now be accessed freely with a proxy app.

Access Blocked Websites on Android

Trick # 3: Streaming Blocked Content with MediaHint

If you are looking for how to access the blocked website on android without a VPN then MediaHint is the best method. MediaHint is focused on unblocking websites and video streaming platforms.

Media Hint is a free Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extension, which are the best browser to open blocked sites for android. This helps you to access blocked content around the world. You should not have to struggle with VPNs or change DNS; the Media Hint does all of this. It is fast and easy to use and does not seem to affect the speed and performance of your internet.

Media Hint is usable as an extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Remember that there is no Chrome extension available in the Chrome Web store, so the Chrome extension has to be installed manually. The guidelines are also available on the website. This is very simple, follow the below instructions.

Step 1: Open the Website

Visit and open it.

Access Blocked Websites on Android

Step 2: Join now

Click the join now and Create a free account


Step 4: Add extension and Use the Media Hint

Add extension in browser; use the extension by click on its icon.


However, once Media Hint has been installed, you can browse the blocked websites platform normally and can easily view banned videos with the Media Hint extension added.

Media Hint is not restricted to video streaming websites only; it can unlock regionally locked audio streaming like Radio channels. It allows subscribers the right to breach the country censorships. MediaHint supports several smart android devices.

Trick # 4: Access Restricted Websites by Manually Changing Your DNS

Want to know how to open blocked sites in Wi-Fi in android? Check here. Sometimes, Internet service providers and other services can block access to websites. The rearranging of the DNS server will be one way to access block websites. Some DNSs will route some of your requested data packets to a restricted location through servers. These requests are processed by the websites as valid and address them positively. Also, looking for how to access blocked sites in chrome mobile?? This method is compatible with all browsers.

How to use it?

If your country bans a specific website, by changing the DNS, you can remove blocking and location-based limitations. Before doing this, first, save your existing DNS addresses to use again when you need to revert the changes.

For Android 8.1 older versions, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Settings and Modify Network

Enter the Settings menu and then open the Wi-Fi settings. For Wi-Fi network modifications, find the connected Wi-Fi network, click on the name of the network and choose ‘Modify network.’


Step 3: Change IP Settings

Go to the advanced options, brings up an option for ‘IP settings.’ Usually, it is selected as ’DHCP,’ change it to ‘Static’ and you can enter all the network settings manually – including your DNS server.

access blocked websites on Android

Step 4: Change the DNS

Save your DNS1 and DNS2 addresses, this will help you to revert these changes whenever you might need to.

For IPv4 change the settings respectively:

  1. 8.8.8
  2. 8.4.4

For IPv6 use these:

  1. 2001:4860:4860::8888
  2. 2001:4860:4860::8844

access blocked websites on Android

For Android 9 and higher,

Go to Settings > Network and Internet > Advanced > Private DNS

Change to “dns. google” the private hostname and click on Save. This works only for Android 9 and above since these devices only support “Private DNS”

Trick # 5: Access Blocked Websites on Android with Secured HTTP Protocol

Websites blocked by Internet Service Provider or any organization can access on Android with a secure HTTP connection. To detect block URLs, the ISP or organizations use page filters. When some websites are accessed by protected HTTP, it may be considered a safe connection by the ISP/Organization. This method is only valid with the websites accessible through HTTPS.

How it works:

Use the “https://” option before the URL instead of “http://” if you want to explore the blocked website.  The website will open with this if Internet Service Provider allows.

Trick # 6: Use Google Translate to Access Banned Website

How do I unblock websites on my phone or laptop?? Try this one on all devices. Google Translate is not banned by most countries. It is only because it’s an educational tool, and nobody thinks it’s strong enough to unblock the restricted sites.  So you can resolve the restriction with this method by translating the blocked page into another language you may know.

access blocked websites on Android

Try with yourself with Google Translate. Just paste the URL and select the URL that will show in the translated section. You can open the website with translated URL.


We all face the irritating message, “This content is not currently available in your location” regardless of whether we like it or not. With so many restricted websites, these are the tricks to Access Blocked Websites on Android.

This allows you to unlock all services that are not available in your country. If the websites or applications have already identified these cheats, then these tricks will not work on them. Currently, the use of VPNs is the most popular method of accessing blocked websites. The above techniques are some of the best-known. You will enjoy a safe and private browsing experience online without any restrictions with these tricks.


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