How To Start Freelancing?

Become A Freelancer

Work from home seems like a dream come true. And ‘Freelancing’ is one of the few roads to it. In this article, I will be touching the following topics: What is freelancing? How to become a freelancer? Top freelancing sites?

What Is Freelancing?

Freelancing is selling your ‘Digital Skills’ online. Whether you are a Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Content Creator, Proof Reader, Ghost Writer, Photo and Video Editor, Illustrator, digital marketing etc. all come under the banner of freelancing. In freelancing, you pick up projects as many as you feel like you can fulfil and bid for them. You work till a set deadline and you get paid.

Note that working for a company from home is not freelancing but Content Writing Job. As it keeps you bound and is a commitment.

Here is how you can gain various skills to become a Freelancer at DigiSkills.

How To Become A Freelancer?

Get Digitally Skilled.

Get A Set-up, you will need DISCIPLINE, A laptop or desktop computer (No your mobile phone won’t be of any help here) and An internet connection.

Get yourself signed up on various freelancing sites, post your job details or your CV as per the requirements.

Look for relative projects, bid(Negotiate money you will be taking to fulfil that project) on it, get the project, complete it and earn. Congratulations! You are now a freelancer.

Top Freelancing Sites

Here are the links to the top, most trusted freelancing sites you can search for work on:


How To Start Freelancing



How To Start Freelancing



How To Start Freelancing



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