How to Check Battery Health of Xiaomi Devices?

Xiaomi started its business with Mi smart TV. Gradually it created a whole series of Xiaomi Android devices that could easily connect with Bluetooth and are run through the smartphone app called Mi Fit. The Xiaomi Android devices allow the businesses to securely and easily enroll the devices and for it is user friendly for the individuals. The diversity of its smartphone series helped the company become one of the top five smartphone vendors in the world. The Xiaomi  Android devices include different series such as MIUI, Mi Series, Mi Note Series, Mi Max Series, Mi Mix Series, T Series, Mi NoteBook Series, Redmi Series, Blackshark, and POCO series. These are the smartphones that Xiaomi owns. Other Xiaomi Android devices include Pad Tablets, Mi WiFi, Xiaomi TV, Mi Box and TV Stick, Xiaomi Cloud, Mi Talk, Mi Notebook Air, Mi Notebook Air 4G, Mi Gaming Laptop, and Mi Notebook. Apart from these, the other products include Mi Scooter, Smartwatches, and smart bands which are also compatible with Android devices. This blog focuses on the method of checking  the Battery Health of Xiaomi Devices.

The devices are all outclassed and up to mark and provide a great choice for the customers. The biggest area of concern for the buyer is to check whether the battery health of the device is good as the user always wants to have a Xiaomi Android Device with the best battery health. So the biggest question is how to check the battery health of Xiaomi Android devices to make the right choice.

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Batteries today are quite different from the old ones. The charging speed capabilities have also evolved. Nowadays there are many ways to charge the battery faster than before but these faster-charging methods are very harmful than the old ones. For this reason, it is better to keep a track of the battery’s health to avoid any problems. Even it is better to check the device’s battery before buying it. There are a few renowned methods by which we can guide others on how to check the battery health of Xiaomi Android devices.

Methods to check Battery Health of Xiaomi Devices:

It is not simple to get access to battery health on Android devices but still, there are a few methods below which will help the reader get a fair idea of how to check the Android battery health.

1.ADB Method:

This is the old method of checking the phone’s battery health. It needs to install ADB drivers and developer options will be enabled on the phone. This step will help in turning on the USB Debugging feature. The fully charged phone will be connected to the PC so that the measurements be correct.

To check the battery health percentage, the user needs to use a math formula. You need to use the following formula: (actual capacity / current capacity) *100.

The user needs to follow these simple steps to go through the process.

  • Open command prompt (cmd) on PC or open the CMD in the ADB folder to make things simpler.
  • Type “ADB shell” and connect the phone to the PC. If the drivers are installed properly, the PC will quickly detect the phone and you will see the device codename on the command prompt.
  • If everything goes well, type “dumpsys battery” and enter.
  • This will show the battery health of the smartphone or any device.

2. Bug Report:

Interestingly, users of Xiaomi smartphones running MIUI have another way to check battery health. The smartphones run on MIUI which is the Android firmware and is based on the open-source Android operating system.  We can check this by creating a bug report in the software, and it uses the same math formula as used by the ADB. The steps to get a bug report are as follows:


  • Open the settings and click the “My device” button. View all specifications and then click on CPU info 5 times.
  • The device will automatically create a bug report and the user will be able to find the report from the status bar.
  • Use the native file explorer to Locate and extract the bug report zip file that matches the date you created the bug report.
  • Click and enter the file that has been extracted, there is another zip inside. Extract this zip file and enter it in this.
  • Open the text file in the last compressed file that has been extracted in a text editor and search health” in it.


3. LADB Method:

As the name suggests, the LADB method is somewhat the same as ADB with the only difference being that it can help us use ADB commands over the phone. The battery health of a phone can also be checked over the phone without connecting with the computer.

In order to use this method, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open settings, go to the developer option, and enable wireless debugging.
  • After turning the on “Wireless Debugging” feature, enter the LADB application and change it to a “Floating Window” shape.
  • Now go to the “Wireless Debugging” menu and click on the “Pair device with pairing code” option.
  • Now write the numbers under the IP address and Port section in the Port section in the LADB Application.
  • Now you will get a “Wireless Debugging Connected” notification which means we can use all ADB commands on LADB.
  • This will help in checking the battery status of the Xiaomi Android devices.

MIUI 13.5

Upcoming MIUI 13.5 features are being developed in upcoming MIUI 13 beta updates. Many new features are coming with the launch of the upcoming MIUI 13.5. The features include new wallpapers, Widgets, Sidebars, and many more. News icons, animations, new interfaces, and the control center have also been redesigned. As far as the battery is concerned, the battery health status feature has been removed in the upcoming MIUI 13.5. At the moment the company has not given any further details about how to check its battery health.


Above are all the methods that will help you check the battery health of Xiaomi devices. However, if there is an issue with the above-mentioned method, you can write to us. Other than this, the above-mentioned methods can perfectly calculate the battery capacity and battery health percentage of your Xiaomi device. If the battery health percentage of your Xiaomi device is bad, you should charge your battery fully after it gets fully discharged. Now check the health of your battery again. If it’s still bad, you need to change your battery as soon as possible.

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