How to Choose Best Smart Phone Before Buying?

How to Choose the Best Smart Phone ? Have you ever feel confused standing in a retail shop and searching about what kind of smart phone you should buy? The actual reason for this indecision is that you have not done your homework.

So you need a smartphone which maybe your first phone or maybe your contract is up for renewal, Fear not. There are a lot of good options out there.

How to Choose Best Smart Phone Before Buying?

1)Figure out what your needs are

The best smart phone for any person is the one who answers the basic questions for them. The first question being why do you want to buy a phone? Do you need a phone with a large screen, small screen, a qwerty keyboard? Maybe you need a phone with an awesome camera. Figure out what matters most to you and write it down.

 2)Choose an operating system

There are four main smartphone choices today: Android, BlackBerry, iOS, and Windows Phone. Brief descriptions of each are below.

Android: Developed by Google, this is an open source operating system that runs on the majority of new phones.. Android has a robust apps store called Google Play filled with Google services. The main issue with Android is that because it’s open source manufacturers like Samsung and HTC often modify its design and functionality.

BlackBerry: If you want to rely on BBM or love physical keyboards and small screens, BlackBerry may be for you. The OS is made by Canadian company Research in Motion. Most BB devices have slower hardware and lack some of the core amenities that Android and iOS offer.

iOS: The iPhone is the only phone that runs iOS and apple plans to keep it that way. The iPhone is still the standard upon which all other phones are measured. If you own other Apple devices or enjoy services like iTunes, the iPhone may be a good option for you. It has a clean, simple design and an app catalog that bests all other mobile platforms.

Windows Phone: After the failure of Windows Mobile, Microsoft built Windows Phone, which is based almost entirely on the Zune MP3 player interface. Windows Phone is the only OS to employ a new type of interface.Everything on your homepage can display moving information or graphics.

3)Do i need a 4G phone

Smartphones use mobile broadband networks to keep you connected. Most mobile phones come with 4G as standard now, but it’s worth checking any new handset is compatible – especially with cheaper models.

4)Which Size Of Phone is Right For Me

Smartphones are getting bigger day by day. Now the latest high-end models are available, measuring 5.5 inches and more. While bigger phones are great for watching films and browsing the web, they won’t suit everyone. Some people find them too large and awkward to hold in public. The only way to find out which handset size is right for you is to try holding a few in the shop. If you do want something that can fix easily into your pocket or bag, pick a 4-5-inch phone.

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