How to Create a Digital Ecosystem in Pakistan

The digital landscape of Pakistan is expanding but when compared globally, the process is slow. Having 64 million 3G and 4G users and more than 160 million mobile subscribers nationwide, the digital ecosystem is greatly affecting every Pakistani. This trend has tremendously welcomed more people on social media who previously had no platform to raise voice or to showcase their talent.

There is a huge difference between electronic media and social media, as on social platforms people can effectively give feedback. Moreover, when it comes to variety, social media always wins the race. Many advertisers are now choosing these online platforms knowing the fan following on these sites. Streaming content has also shifted its focus towards emerging OLVs. Due to this, we often come across new Vloggers who have accepted social media as a reliable opportunity.

The industry must collaborate to develop a digital ecosystem in Pakistan

Through this digital ecosystem, marketers are successful in engaging a large number of population in a more efficient and targeted way, However a lot more need to be done when it comes to Pakistan.
To achieve better and to stand out like other countries, Regulators need to formalize a digital policy. Different ICT organizations need to come together and take a stand on the right of speech and not just reply with the primitives laid by the state. The government needs to peruse a digital agenda in convergence with regulatory bodies and policy in order to have digitization as a unique holistic product.

A panel discussion was held at Jazz discussing the reform that should be brought in for the improvement of the digital ecosystem in the country. Ali Naseer, Chief Corporate and Enterprise Officer, Jazz; Fahd Husain, Editor of Express Tribune and Executive Director of Express News Television; and Salman Akram Raja, Advocate Supreme Court were guests at Jazz who spoke on the issue.

While discussing it in conversation at Jazz, guests discussed how digital ecosystem can be improved in Pakistan. Jazz has come up with a conclusion that media must be given freedom of expression and mobilization which is only possible if the government understands that smartphone is a necessity not luxury. The new generation of Pakistan thinks digital, so the Government needs to understand how much proper digital policy is important in order to create a digital ecosystem in Pakistan. Government has approved Pakistan’s first ever Digital Pakistan Policy in 2018, which was a much-delayed step through in the right direction.

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