How To Install Windows 10 on your Mac

Windows 10 is all you need on your laptops, Mac and computer. If you want to download Windows 10 on Apple, here’s a guide you can follow to get that on your Mac right away without fuss and danger. Apple’s custom tailored ‘Boot Camp’ is the easiest way to get Windows on your Mac without restoring to the dark rituals.

Know Mac’s requirements

Before you begin, make sure your Mac should have enough space on disk and all the updates are completed. Mac’s model should be from 2012-2015 or later where its disk is capable tp pick 16GB of data easily. You can connect the hard drive when preparing if it’s not already connected.  Your Device must have atleast 64GB of free disk on the startup drive.

Buy Window 10 Copy

Getting Windows 10 for Mac has now become easier. You have to go to the ‘Microsoft Windows Store and purchase the digital copy that you will need to download. You may also buy windows 10 flash drive which will be shipped to your address by Microsoft. Always choose ISO file for download even if you bought a physical version of Windows 10.

Open Boot Camp

Now that you have a required Windows operating system install (you can even download the update version from October 2018), it’s time to open the MacOS Boot Camp Assistant. To do this, just press Go > Utilities in the menu bar of your Mac, then from the list open the Boot Camp Assistant.

Format Window Partition

The next phase after installation of the drivers is to format the partition of Boot Camp so that it can install Windows properly. Once the partition has been created by Boot Camp Assistant, it will request your administrator password, restart your Mac, and load the Window installer.

Install Window Drivers

Your Mac will load into Windows and the Boot Camp Assistant will open when the Windows installer is finished. Click Next, then Install, and start downloading and installing the required Windows drivers from Boot Camp Assistant. When it’s done, click Finish and your Mac will restart and load back into Windows.


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