How to Load Jazz Card? 5 Ways to Recharge your Jazz Number in 2023

Jazz 4G is currently Pakistan’s best network in terms of bandwidth, connectivity, and user base. Jazz came on top after the merger of Warid and became Pakistan’s most used network. This is also the reason why Jazz connectivity has reached the far-flung areas of Pakistan. With the reinvigorated spirit of leading digital transformation in the country, Jazz is exploring new areas, ranging from digital financial services to affordable health insurance and emergency services. As the premier in thought leadership, Jazz has grown to be a company that financially facilitates more than 12 million people with JazzCash, and the company has no plans to stop any soon in the future. This article will let you know how to load a Jazz card to avail Jazz’s excellent services.

How to Load Jazz Card? 5 Ways to Recharge your Jazz Number

1st Method (Scratch Card Method):

  • Visit your nearest retail shop and buy a jazz card. Then scratch it with the help of a coin or a metal instrument.
  • Now, open the phone dialer on your phone.
  • Afterward, dial *123* followed by a 14 digit number on the scratch card and then dial #.
  • Now click on the call icon and the Jazz card will be load successfully.

load jazz card

How to recharge Jazz number via Easypaisa App?

2nd Method (Through Easypaisa app):

You can recharge your Jazz number through the Easypaisa app as well. Follow these steps to send credit on jazz number via the Easypaisa app:

  • First, launch the Easypaisa app on your phone and sign in.

recharge via easypaisa app

  • From the main menu, click on Easyload as illustrated in the image.

Jazz recharge through easypaisa

  • Now enter your phone number and click on next.

load jazz card

  • In the next step, choose Jazz from the list of telecom operators.

send credit on zong number

  • Afterward, enter the amount you have to send on the Jazz number.  Now, click on next and your jazz number would be recharged successfully.

3rd Method (Through Jazz Website):

You can also recharge your Jazz number through the Jazz official website. In order to recharge via the website, click on this link.

Jazz online recharge

First, enter your number at the top of the menu as shown in the image. Now enter the amount you want to recharge. Afterward, choose any payment method. The payment methods that are available are debit/credit card and JazzCash app. Now after selecting the payment method, click on captcha to prove you are human and click on proceed as you can see in the given photo.

4th Method (Through Jazz World App):

  • In order to recharge a Jazz card, smartphone users also have the option to download the Jazz World app.
  • The users can download the app from the Play Store or App store, depending on the operating system you are using. Launch the Jazz World app. once it’s installed
  • Now make an account by entering your mobile number and an OTP will be sent to your number for verification purposes.  After verification, you will enter the Jazz World app.
  • Now you will see a number of options on the app’s main interface.
  • On the main interface, you will see the option of “tap to recharge” Click on it.
  • Now afterward, click on “pay with scratch card”.
  • You will be directed to a new menu. Here you will have to add your number and scratch card number. Afterward, tap on recharge, and the Jazz card will get loaded on your phone.

5th Method (Through JazzCash App): 

You can also send credit or recharge your jazz number via the Jazz cash app. Just download the app from the play store or App store and make an account. From the main menu, select easyload. Then enter your phone number, amount and select Jazz, and tap on next to recharge jazz number through the jazz cash app.

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