How to Add a link to Instagram Stories via Link Stickers?

The new Instagram Link Stickers allow users to incorporate hyperlinks in Insta Stories in the form of stickers. The new feature is now available to all users.  Instagram announced this news through Twitter. The platform started testing this feature back in June and now they have released the feature for global usage.

How to Add a link to Instagram Stories via Link Stickers?

So for all those who want to use these new link sticker features, follow the below-mentioned guide:

  1. First, launch Instagram on your phone. Then swipe right and open story mode.

sticker link

2. Now make a new Insta story or upload any content from the gallery.

Insta sticker link

3. Then click on the sticker icon located at the top navigation bar as shown in the image.

sticker link

4. From the list of stickers, click on the link sticker as illustrated in the image.

url for sticker link

5. After tapping on the link sticker, a new screen will appear where you will have to add the desired URL.

link of sticker on insta

6. Now tap on ‘done’ and your link sticker will be created.

You can also place and resize the Link Sticker as you want it to appear in your story.

According to Instagram,

Link stickers are beneficial for anyone from businesses linking out to their products to activists linking out to external resources. But Instagram concedes that anyone can benefit from link sharing to engage with their followers. It also says that accounts repeatedly sharing misinformation or hate speech will lose access.

After the new update, Link Stickers are now widely available for all users as compared to the ‘swipe up’ gesture, as the former feature was only available to accounts with more than 10k followers and verified accounts.

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