How to Register as a Foreigner in Islamabad? Step-by-Step Instructions

The Ministry of Interior in Pakistan has made it compulsory for foreigners from certain countries to register themselves with the local police. As per the directives of the MoI, foreigners from a particular group of countries, along with other foreign nationals who are directed by the immigration authorities, are obligated to get themselves registered with the local police.

As you can see in the aforementioned image, there are a total of 14 countries whose citizens have been obligated to get themselves registered with the police upon arriving in Pakistan. We will be focusing on the particular pool of foreign nationals who arrive in Islamabad and how they can get themselves registered with the Islamabad Police.

It is pertinent to mention here that the registration process will take place after the visas of the respective foreign nationals have been approved by the immigration authorities.

Why is the registration of foreigners necessary in Islamabad?

Registration of foreigners in Islamabad, Pakistan, is necessary for several reasons:

National Security:

Registering foreigners from the list of countries provided by MoI assists the government and security agencies in keeping track of the presence and activities carried out by foreign nationals in the capital city. This is essential for guaranteeing national security and controlling potential threats or illicit activities.

Visa Compliance:

The registration of foreign nationals assists in making sure that the individuals comply with their visa conditions and do not overstay their permitted period in Islamabad. This is important for keeping the integrity of the immigration system.

Emergency Assistance:

One thing good about this process is that the registered foreigners can obtain assistance and protection from their respective embassies or consulates in case of any emergencies or when they require consular services.

Census and Demographics:

Accurate data on the foreign population in Islamabad is pretty important for demographic studies and planning purposes, as it offers insights regarding how it impacts the infrastructure, resources, and services.

Immigration Control:

Registration of foreigners can also be considered as a part of the overall immigration control measures to oversee and manage the flow of people across the borders.

How can a foreigner get registered with the Islamabad Police?

Documents Required:

  • Foreign applicant’s passport-size photograph.
  • Copy of Passport.
  • Copy of Visa.
  • CNIC copy of witness.
  • CNIC copy of sponsor.
  • Rental agreement or any other residential proof in Islamabad. In case, the applicant stays in the Hotel and Rest House then the attested staying Certificate from the Hotel and Rest House administration will be required.

Registration Fee:

PKR 200/-.

What’s the process?

  • First of all, the foreign applicant will have to visit the nearest model police station located in Islamabad.
  • The applicant will have to bring all the required documents along with him or her.
  • The Indian nationals shall be registered within 24 hours and get a travel permit.
  • All foreign nationals will have to contact the Ministry of Interior (MOI) in case of a late exit Permit or late registration.
  • If any misleading information is submitted, action will be taken against the foreign applicant.

Foreigner Registration Certificate (FRC):

After getting registered with the Islamabad police, the foreign national will be allotted an FRC.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need to register as a foreigner in Islamabad?

Foreigner registration is a legal obligation in Pakistan as we have already discussed the directives from MoI. It assists the government in keeping track of foreigners living in the country for security and administrative reasons.

How long does the registration process typically take?

The registration processing time can vary, however, generally, it takes a few days. Therefore, it is essential to initiate the process before arrival or visa expiration.

What happens if I don’t register as a foreigner?

If you fail to register yourself as a foreigner, then it can lead to legal issues and may result in penalties or even deportation in some cases.

Can I renew my Foreigner Registration Certificate?

Yes, you can generally renew your FRC before it expires. The renewal process will be identical to the original registration process.

Can I apply for an FRC extension if my visa is extended?

Yes, if your visa gets extended, you should also apply to extend your FRC accordingly to comply with local laws.

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