How to Take Best Shots with your iPhone Camera During Night

Photography has become really easy thanks to smartphones. Either it be an iPhone or Samsung phone or whatever phone you use, they have their own negative and positives points. iPhone cameras have been improved since the very first smartphone was revealed way back in 2007. But night photography with an iPhone is still a challenge. There are some apps that are trying to improve the experience.

How to Take Best Shots with your iPhone Camera During Night

One such app is NightCap Pro. The NightCap Pro app is trying to make the quality of your night shots, mainly those of starry night skies better. Here’s how the App works:

How Does the App Work?

There are some set modes that you can use in the app that intend to make the process easier. The modes are accessible by tapping the star in the lowest left corner of the app.

You can pick from Stars mode, Stars trails mode, and Meteor mode to capture the natural marvels the skies have to deal. If users are interested in taking satellite trails in the night sky, they can also go for ISS mode.

Each of these modes works in a little different way. But all of them will entail you to use a support. For instance in Stars mode you have to keep your phone static for 15 seconds as the app takes the picture. In other cases, you will have to tap the shutter button two times. You can also give your snaps a quick light lift by tapping the star, and tapping the icon that seems like a sun.

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Furthermore, NightCap Pro has certain manual settings that let you to take other kinds of night photos. You can select your contact length in the settings. You can also modify the ISO, exposure, white balance, and main point, by swiping on the screen. To regulate the white balance, swipe from left to right at the top of the screen, and for the focal point at the bottom of the screen.

What Are the Outcomes?

As far as quality is concerned taking night photos with your phone camera will be determined by your hardware. However NightCap Pro is certainly going to increase the quality of your photos, it surely won’t compare to a camera with manual settings.

The app is good, not only for taking photos of the night sky, but also for other night photography comprising fireworks and capturing lights on a road using a long exposure. But to get a picture of how much the robust app has to deliver, it would be better if users had a look at the NightCap Pro tutorial page.

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