How to Turn your Android Tablet into An Eye-Catching Interactive Digital Signage

Smartphones and tablets have gained momentum and the performance of these devices is incredibly impressive. People are now turning them into digital advertising tools. The tablets have a realm of possibilities for a digital fix through Digital Signage.

Digital Signages range from LED displays, and billboards, TV screens to tablets. This is an effective advertising technique that leads to interaction and engagement.

Digital Signage is popular, for example, in the retail industry to display a range of new and modern products and in waiting areas like transport hubs and stadium to display paid adverts.

However, Android tablets are the most cost-effective solution to interactive Digital Signage. The tablets are inexpensive, portable, and handy. These devices allow you to use all Google services like payment options and GPS locations.

LOOK App and Android Tablet

To use an Android tablet as Digital Signage, LOOK app software offers the solution. This way you can remotely turn your tab into Kiosk mode. You can use this software on almost any screen. The fully-featured, cloud-based tool will bring you an excellent user experience.

With the LOOK app, you can easily divide the screen into multiple areas, which also allows you to create a unique layout design. You can also choose your preferred size, color, fonts, and data fields.

Additionally, you have an option to create adaptive layouts that are stunning on the screens with different orientations, resolutions, and aspect ratios.

You don’t have to do the entire work on your own. Delegate digital advertising tasks. Assign the moderators the access rights on various sections of CMS based on their roles. This way, you’re assured of enhanced productivity and efficiency.

LOOK software plays content on devices that supports 4K resolution. Plan all your broadcasts in advance and display the message in seven languages. This gives you a chance to reach out to a huge customer base, making the app an effective tool for digital signage.

Turn Your Android Tab into an Interactive Digital Sign

1. Ensure Your Tablet is Connected

The first step is to ensure your tablet is connected to Wi-Fi and give LOOK a few minutes to do the rest. Use your PC to enter web-based CMS, in which you’ll need to connect your tablet.

2. Installation

Apart from being easy, installation is also free. Log into Google Play on any tablet powered by Android 4.4 or higher.

3. Set Up Your LOOK Account

Creating a LOOK account takes a few minutes. Click on the signup page and register an account using an Email address and a strong, unique password.   Alternatively, you can use Facebook or Google account to sign in.

You’ll then enter personal information such as company name, username, and phone number. A link will then be sent to your email account for your confirmation. Confirm immediately to avoid your account being deleted in 14 days.

With a confirmed account, you’ll manage to add new users or change your billing plan.

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4. Managing the Screens

After installing the app, you’ll log in to your personal account with any browser of your choice. The user-friendly interface makes it to navigate through a wide range of CMS functionalities. Design operational broadcasting schedules and come up with interactive playlists on particular screens. With this technique, you can manage various screens at ago.

5. Completed Scenario

Using an internet connection, send the completed scenarios right to your tablet. This is a simple task that is completed with a single click. You can do it from anywhere and at any time. The content will play on the tablet regardless of how far you’re from the device.

The safety of your information is highly guarded. The server’s capacity enables you to scale your projects over and beyond.

Final Thought

Digital Signage is the now and future marketing technique. It has a myriad of benefits such as accessibility, enhanced productivity, and effectiveness. And with an Android tablet and LOOK software, digital marketing becomes an inexpensive task.

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