HP Elite Dragonfly – All You Need To Know

HP Elite Dragonfly is the light-weighted laptop.

Recently, HP showcased its new Elite Dragonfly laptop. It is not so heavy like HP’s other inventions. Moreover, its specs are slightly different and latest than other versions. Thus, it is HP’s attractive invention. According to the company, it is the world’s first-ever PC with “Ocean-bound” plastics. Is not this great? For your information, ocean-bound plastics are collected from shores, beaches and from the side of the river. Like the materials which can end ocean lives. So, HP is contributing it struggles to save marine life by reusing plastic.

HP Elite Dragonfly- Sustainable Laptop

It can be said that HP Elite Dragonfly is a sustainable product. The concept of utilizing waste is not new. Iameco claims to use 70% of waste material and production uses 75% less water for its products. HP Dragonfly uses 5% of ocean-bound plastic in its speaker.


The business laptop is a 360-degree convertible. Thus can be used as a tablet in meetings and seminars. It comes with WiFi 6 support. Moreover, it presents Bluetooth version 4.2 and gigabit LTE with 4×4 antennas. The Elite Dragonfly weighs only 2.2 pounds, which is till now world’s lightest business laptop.

The company offers two choices with regard to the battery. There is 4 cell, 56Whr performance battery which will last up to 24 hours. Other than this, there is a standard 2-cell, 38Whr battery that supports up to 16.5 hours. The 4 cell battery will be needing an FHD 1-watt panel. It will increase by 0.3 pounds in the laptop’s weight due to an additional attached panel.

Security Features

HP also comes up with security and privacy features. They include Sure Click, Sure start and Sure Run. It will ask the user for final confirmation before starting any operation. These features are specifically designed for the prevention of any interference with users’ security settings.

Launch Date and Price

It will launch on 25th October. The starting cost of this gadget is approximately $1549.


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