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HTC Droid DNA Announced


HTC Droid DNA Announced

HTC Droid DNA has been announced and it will surely give a tough fight to its competitors. The new Droid DNA is the best phone from HTC in a long while. With its blazingly swift quad-core processing, an eye-grabbing 5-inch screen, it’s a great mix of compact design, beautiful hardware, fast and fluid software and it sports a remarkable svelte profile.

[blockquote cite=””] Android is cutting everyone out, at both the low and the high end
[/blockquote] https://phoneworld.com.pk/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/htc-droid-dna-.jpg

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HTC has wrapped it all up in a very slim and elegant for this screen size chassis. There is nothing official on the international model yet, but we guess it should get announced soon.