HTC X8 Beat iPhone 5 & Galaxy S3

When iPhone is compared with big players out there on many occasion.many names comes in our mind most obviously galaxy Samsung S3 directly they are competing with each other and fighting for crown ,in this survey the compare them on basis of different features. camera comparisons,benchmark results and also browsing speeds. But the fact of the matter is that, with the arrival of the Windows Phone 8 and the hardware to support it, Apple might once again have to go head-to-head against its biggest nemesis: Microsoft.

To better understand this claim, today we’re going to talk about browsing speed tests and how well the HTC 8X / HTC Windows Phone 8X performed.
After having hold on this gadget HTC 8X they analyze that how well it is working. they’ve performed a few tests in order to determine how well it runs.

[success]SupSpider Benchmark :[/success] [list style=”list4″ color=”red”]
    It is basically a benchmanr that test how fast and better many browser works and execute javaScript., and since many webpages today are making extensive use of AJAX, the aforementioned benchmark is quite good at determining how fast a smartphone can load-up these particular pages.HTC 8X comes out on top and although not by a mile away, it even beats the iPhone 5 when it comes to handling JavaScript, let alone the Samsung Galaxy S3.
    was able to finish the test in less than a second (914 ms) and although the Snapdragon S4 chip powering the device is a pretty good CPU, chances are that this increase in browsing performance results from the new hardware-accelerated JavaScript engine that is to be found in IE10 and implicitly on the new Windows Phone 8 mobile OS.
  • HTC 8X came out on top, beating the FAMED A6 PROCESSOR rendering of the iPhone 5 and staying ahead of the Galaxy S III by a huge margin.
  • All three devices have been tested on the same WiFi network in order to test their capabilities fairly, but I can safely say that, at least the HTC One X I’ve tested on the side, performed a lot better than what you see above (15-17 seconds on PhoneArena – Flash off).
  • BROWSING IE OPTIMIZATIONS:When it comes to in Windows Phone 8 browsing IE optimization, and the dual-core Snapdragon S4 processors, the WP8 flagships are up with the best for browsing.


In this test when these giant phones are tested how fast browsing is done in minimum time. The score shows in milliseconds how long it takes the browser to finish the test. Currently the third fastest browser is found on the Samsung Galaxy S III, with it managing to complete the test in 1279.4ms. The second fastest browser is found on the iPhone 5, with 914.7ms. Just a tiny bit lower score is managed by the HTC Windows Phone 8X, with 914ms sharp.


First stop was BrowserMark and Ringmark. Whilst in the former test the iPhone 5 came out on top, in Ringmark all three gadgets performed quite similarly.

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