Huawei Adds Meditation App “Headspace” to its AppGallery

The Stress management society and Huaweí AppGallery’s recent research have revealed that a large percentage of people around the world are using technology to control their mental health during this pandemic. Huawei has included the mindfulness app “Headspace” in its Huawei AppGallery.

This comes after a survey, which found that 78% of Brits have used the technology for stress relief or motivation during the COVID-19 outbreak. The number of people who practice mindfulness to deal with anxiety, increased up to 17 percent during the lockdown. The Huawei AppGallery is currently the world’s third-largest app store, Headspaces mindfulness app also now added to the AppGallery.

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Huawei tries to provide users “additional assistance for well-being during this stressful situation”. When every single one of us was affected in one way or another by the events of the COVID-19 in last year and still suffering, it is important that we consider options to strengthen our stamina to deal with this unpredictable, and difficult times, said Neil Shah, Chief De-Stressing Officer of The Stress Management Society.

“Since the lockdowns began in March last year, a large number of people in the united kingdom have followed our ‘Reframing Anxiety at Home’ workout, and the ‘stress meditation’ practice is being utilized six times more than before. This research indicates that technology plays a major role in improving our mental overall health,” Jowlawn Victor, Headspace’s Chief International Officer, said. He also added that  Many Headspace activities and courses have also risen by 1000% as people use our app, which helps them to improve their well-being in the toughest times of disease outbreak.

Therefore, Huawei added Headspace a top online meditation and mindfulness application in its AppGallery in order to provide users additional well-being help during this difficult period of tension.

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