Huawei Aims to Become the Biggest Smartphone Company in Next 5 Years

Top officials of smartphone manufacturer Huawei disclosed their goals regarding global market of mobiles. They ambitiously announced that their basic goal is to become the largest smartphone firm by 2018 keeping the political issues aside. The political issues are already hampering the Chinese group rendering them not to be successful. Huawei Aims to Become the Biggest Smartphone Company in Next 5 Years.

This news was revealed by Richard Yu, Chief Executive of Huawei’s consumer business group. He was invited to Consumer Electronics Show this Wednesday.

Huawei Aims to Become the Biggest Smartphone Company in Next 5 Years

Richard told in gathering that Huawei has recently introduced two handsets at technology gathering. They have performed really good on many technical tests. As far as consumer survey of top two sets is concerned, It has been noted that the sets are getting viral.

He told that Huawei is trying to pave roads in US market specially for the premium smartphone segments. It is really important for their growth. In order to get this task done they need to have good relations with carriers as most devices are sold through them.

Richard Yu told the reporters:

We want to be number two in the next two years and In five years we want to be number one. In the next two to five years we should do more with carriers,” he said.

According to him US smartphone market is getting boring day by day. Hence the consumers are waiting for new ideas and built in smartphones.

Huawei revealed in CES that its flagship Mate 9 handset, will release in US soon. This set is previously launched in other markets last year. The are also planning to globally launch their mid- range sets Honor 6x.

Yu denied the blame of their ties to Beijing government. This issue was highlighted in US congressional report. He said that this is an utter misunderstanding and it is fuled by their competitors.

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