Huawei An Award Winning Innovator And Global Technology Leader

Huawei – Strengthening The Image of China’s Manufacturing-Sector

Lahore: 19 July, 2016:- Huawei is one of the youngest and biggest brands in the telecom world. The Global business world is a complex and dynamic arena, where only the most competitive and rapidly evolving enterprises can thrive. Specially, when it comes to the technology sector, only the organizations that can consistently innovate and keep exploring new horizons, are the ones that can maintain their leadership. Even if the world’s most successful company shows lack of innovation and fails to adapt fluidly, to the rapidly changing needs and preferences of the consumers, its global leadership will be quickly challenged by a more responsive and robust contender. One such example is Huawei in this era of technological advancement.

Over, the past decades, the manufacturing sector in China has developed tremendously and captured an overwhelming share of the global markets, in most categories of high-tech and low-tech products, due to their enormous scale, lowest cost of production and diverse manufacturing capabilities. However, the reputation and perceived quality of products made by Chinese manufacturers, remained low & even dubious, due to the unreliable and erratic performance of many cheap Chinese products. However, in recent years, several high-quality manufacturers have emerged in China – these robust companies are pursuing a vision to compete and lead on a global scale, by producing world-class quality.

Huawei is one exemplary Chinese enterprise which has achieved great milestones of success and innovation within a few years. It is a fast-emerging global leader in telecom technologies, which is creating fascinating new technologies and highly reliable products, by making robust investments in Research and Innovation, and it has already conquered a big market share, already beating global telecom giants like Samsung and Apple in the regional markets like China. Many of Huawei’s products and technologies have already won prestigious global awards due to their outstanding performance and popularity.

Despite being a relatively new entrant into the smart devices business, Huawei has achieved tremendous performance, innovation and popularity in this arena too. Its consumer business has shown rapid and immense growth within the past couple of years, whereby Huawei has quickly become a household name in Pakistan too. Today, most people in the world are either using a Huawei product or every consumers personally know someone who owns a Huawei product.

Huawei Technologies is not a new entrant in the global telecommunications business. It was founded back in 1987. However, for many initial years, the company’s focus remained on being the largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and software services, in the world. Huawei is proud to have built the networks of over 80 % of the world’s top 50 telecommunication companies. In 2012, Huawei had overtaken Ericsson, which was one of the leading telecom enterprises of that time.

The innovative technologies created by Huawei have surely dispelled the prolonged “Negative stereotype” image surrounding Chinese products and their poor perceptions in the consumers’ minds. Huawei is a completely Chinese brand, which has established a powerful network of manufacturing and business around the globe, with a relentless ambition to change the minds of the people and provide the world with a positive outlook towards China.

However, Huawei’s focus towards creating telecom devices for end-consumers, is quite recent. Whereby its business model has been shifted from “Business to Business” (B to B) and is now focused more on “Business to Consumers” (B to C) with a wider range of products. With its new business approach, where Huawei is manufacturing electronic communications devices, including smartphones, tablet computers, smart watches, modems and other home electronic appliances, Huawei is striving hard to be the global leader in the industry very soon, therefore, it is spending 10% of its annual sales revenue on R&D. This huge investment has elevated the company into the World’s top intra-brands list.

Last year, the company impressed the consumer with its fascinating new technologies to enrich the P8 and Mate 8 smartphones, and then more recently with the P9 device. Huawei has established strategic partnerships with numerous innovation leaders. It teamed up with Leica – the top producer of high-performance cameras and the world’s best lenses, to enrich the flagship device – Huawei P9. While it also struck a design partnership with Swarovski AG to create the Huawei Watch for ladies. Another partnership with Harman/Kardon – the producer of the worlds best audio-speakers, helped in enhancing the sound-system of the M2 Tablet.

Some of the world’s most famous celebrities, athletes and sports teams have been sponsored and engaged to make Huawei’s marketing campaigns more inspirational, vibrant and glamorous. The company strongly believes in promoting global harmony through technologies that enable the people to communicate and share creative ideas, memories, expressions and concepts, whereby, Huawei even invited the global media to China – a country that prefers more privacy in its internal and national matters. Three years ago, Huawei had expressed its strategic vision to take over Apple and Samsung. Since then, Huawei’s marketing operations and activities have clearly reflected the pursuit of that ambitious goal. Huawei’s success in achieving its strategic goals is evident from the fact that; Huawei’s market-shares in all product categories and global markets are consistently increasing, while its main competitors – Samsung and Apple are having a tough time in various markets and product categories.

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