Huawei CEO was Using Foldable Mate X at Airport- Device is Breathtaking

The breathtaking view of Huawei Mate X was seen at the airport. The device was in the hands of CEO, and it revealed that it would give some fierce competition to Samsung foldable device and upcoming iPhone foldable line. There is a lot of hype about the device spotted with Huawei CEO as till now the device is unreleased. Richard Yu could hide the device to maintain the surprise, but he happily showed it on camera allowing photographers to take the pictures of this flawless device. Thi s was the best thing to do as the chief executive officer of a company. It shows he is testing the device himself before releasing it globally.

Foldable Mate X- A Breathtaking Device

After this event, the picture appeared on Weibo. The images of Huawei Foldable device has appeared around the same time when Samsung has announced the new launch date of improved Samsung galaxy fold. Well maybe this whole incident would be accidental, but I doubt, it might be a publicity stunt from the Chinse Tech giant.

Below are the pictures of Huawei Mate X caught in the Hands of CEO:

From the above images, we can see that the Huawei Mate x has an outward-facing foldable display. The device shuts down like a book. The design of the Huawei foldable device is far much better than the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Anyway, both devices are going to land in the smartphone market in September.

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