Huawei Chipset Factory completes its construction process

There are rumours that the first local Huawei chipset factory, named the Wuhan Huawei Optical Factory Project (Phase II), has officially concluded construction. It is said that the project will be extended over 208,900 sq. Mt. and is in the Vallery Hub of Wuhan Optics.

The project is based in the Valley Center of Wuhan Optics, with a gross development area of 208,900 square metres. Building material includes FAB manufacturing facility, CUB power station, PMD tech factory
This is the main R&D base for Huawei in the central region of China, responsible for the internal optical capacity centre of Huawei, the smart terminal R&D centre and other cutting-edge technology.

After the project is completed, it will be put into production as Huawei’s chipset factory in China, helping Huawei achieve a complete semiconductor industrial chain from chip design, chip manufacturing, to packaging and testing.

While the chipset plant has been set up, it will be hard to play forts competitors . Next year, Huawei will begin manufacturing 45nm chips and will advance to 28nm chipsets by 2022. It is no where near the arrival of 5 nm chipsets powering the luxury smartphone.

The development comes after the u.s. government put sanctions on Huawei and barred the firm from buying chipsets or other US-made technology. With the delivery of required parts ceased, Huawei agreed to concentrate on being self-reliant to keep the company afloat.

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