Huawei Conducts 6G Research to Conquer the Market

Huawei always conquers the smartphone market by introducing the best smartphones in town and in no time become the second-largest smartphone manufacturer. It worked on 5G and was able to bring it in some markets of China before any country. It also supplied 5G equipment to other companies which cleary shows Huawei is leading the race. Now when 5G has not even entered all the markets, Huawei has started research on 6G network.

Huawei 6G Race- Will it be Able to Launch it Before 2022?

Huawei is racing to develop the latest technology and plan it in 2030. One can imagine the rugged nature of Huawei from this instance that when the whole world is waiting for 5G, the company has not wasted a single minute and has launched 6G. Huawei had started research in 5G technology in 2009 when China had just begun issuing 3G licenses. So, keeping in this, for sure

When Huawei began research 5G technology in 2009, China had just started issuing 3G licences. As the company races to develop future technology, it is clear that it will become a reality until 2030.

Huawei is the first one to begin this research, but South Korean companies have also joined the race. The companies include LG. South Korea Government has planned to develop 6G by 2021.

Currently, we do not have any information about 6G features, so let’s wait for the right time.

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