Huawei creates a love story which bloomed with P8 and Talkband B2

LAHORE, 12 AUGUST 2015: Talking about the evolution of marketing strategies and trends, Huawei is certainly grabbing the attentions of the viewers and possibly prospect customers by developing such TVCs and short videos featuring its latest prodigies that make people think about Huawei products from a significantly different angle.

This modern technology solution providing company has created a series of short videos to express a love story in a sweet and heart touching way, the feature in the video that is worth noticing is how the main characters make use of Huawei smart devices i.e. P8 and Talkband B2 in their blossoming love life. A compilation of four videos relate a romantic story which gets started from P8 and blooms with P8 and B2.

Huawei creates a love story which bloomed with P8 and Talkband B2

The amazingly unique and practical features of these afore-mentioned smart devices such as the speech awareness and low light photography functions of the Huawei P8 help the hero to approach his sweetheart. Then proceeding with the interesting story the Talkband B2 and Voice+ noise cancellation function of P8 enables the hero to catch up with the heroine irrespective of distance and where she is. This young and lively couple captures its memorable moments in incredibly pictures through P8’s smart screen shots and knuckle sense technology.

The last but not the least the coverage of the whole wedding event, capturing wonder pictures of the couple with relatives and family with P8 and Talkband B2 combine is the most appealing thing in one of the videos. It is most obvious that some of the viewers might not exactly be pleased with this new promotional attempt but for those who have an exciting streak in them; these videos would certainly have an appeal.

Because with the ever changing entertainment market, the minds of the viewers have also evolved tremendously, they have now developed a constant need of getting of having to watch something new. The same conventional methods of advertising may seem pretty boring to them and they would just switch through the channels or browse from one website to another without bothering much. But with the help of such advertising tactics that Huawei has applied through these emotional videos, the attention of these diversified viewers can be grabbed and obviously the product sales can also be peaked.

Below are given the links where these videos can be viewed.

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