Huawei flip phone will Feature a Hinge

For some time we have not witnessed new devices from Huawei which previously used to launch devices almost every quarter. This is due to the issues faced by the Chinese company due to the US Ban episode whose after-effects have not ended yet. Moreover, the chipset shortage during covid still prevails and has affected many big mobile manufacturers. In such circumstances, we thought that the Huawei game has ended. But it seems there is still hope for a comeback especially in the foldable lineup since the company has flourished in this segment in past. We have come across leaks that showed that the company is working on foldable smartphones. Now we have come across new information, that revealed that the Huawei Flip phone will adopt a flip design like Motorola’s RAZR and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip series.

Huawei flip phone will Feature a Hinge

This information has come from industry sources from the smartphone hardware manufacturer, Zhaoli Technology. The info suggests that the next foldable phone from Huawei will include a next-generation hinge design. For some time the company is working on hinge design and it seems that finally, it is ready to present us with the very first product with a hinge in the flip foldable smartphone category.

While the leak from the industry source did not mention Huawei but since we are getting information regarding the Chinese tech giant launching flip design we are sure it would be Huawei. This flip phone having a hinge will be less costly and more reliable using fewer parts.

The Huawei flip device will utilize the clamshell phone kind of design and is going to be handy with fresh colors.  The post on Weibo shows several renders of the devices however we are not sure whether they are reliable or not.

So let’s wait to see!

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