Huawei Unveils the World’s First long-lifespan Graphene-assisted Li-ion Battery

Huawei has announced a major breakthrough in its Li-ion batteries Research. Huawei Unveils the World’s First long-lifespan Graphene-assisted Li-ion Battery. Watt Laboratory, an organization under Huawei’s Central Research Institute, made this announcement today.

Huawei Unveils the World’s First long-lifespan Graphene-assisted Li-ion Battery

Graphene-assisted Li-ion batteries are much more batter than Li-ion Batteries. These batteries can remain functional in a 60°C environment. The lifespan of the graphene-assisted Li-ion batteries will also be twice as long as ordinary Li-ion batteries.

Dr. Yangxing Li, Chief Scientist at Watt Laboratory, has also pointed out three technologies used to make this high-temperature Li-ion battery. First technology is the additive in the electrolytes. They can remove trace water and prevent the electrolytes from evaporating in high temperatures. Second ttechnology is the modified large-crystal NMC materials. Third one is graphene that allows more efficient cooling of the Li-ion battery.

Dr. Li said,

“We have performed charging and discharging tests in a high-temperature environment. The tests show that when working parameters are the same, the graphene-assisted high-temperature Li-ion battery is 5°C cooler than ordinary Li-ion batteries. Over 70% of the graphene battery’s capacity is left after it is recharged 2,000 times at a temperature of 60°C. Less than 13% of its capacity is lost after being kept in a 60°C environment for 200 days.”

Back in 2015,  Huawei’s Watt Laboratory had introduced a quick charging technology. This technology is capable of charging 48 percent of a 3,000 mAh battery in only 5 minutes. Huawei has also announced that quick charging technology will be available very soon. The company is also planning to introduce this technology in its upcoming smartphone.

After Note 7 incident, people are afraid of battery explosion. we hope that, these batteries will help to sort out the battery heating up and explosion problems.

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