Huawei Global Smartphone Production Levels are Normal – Refutes All Claims!

UPDATE: It is mere propaganda against Huawei that they have stopped their “smartphone manufacturing” on Global Level. Upon an exclusive interview with Huawei’s representatives, we now know that they disprove all claims and rumours that US media has been speculating since yesterday. They further explained that all of their production levels are normal and they haven’t made any changes as of now.

We all know that the past few weeks have been so tough for the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturing Company, Huawei. Most of the US Companies broke their ties with Huawei one after the other. GoogleQualcommIntelBroadcom, ARM, SD Association, JEDEC, as well as Wi-Fi Alliance banned Huawei. The Huawei US ban is devastating the company making things more difficult for it. The lost of licenses from such companies has simply led Huawei to pause the production of its smartphones.

Huawei US Ban Led To Pause Huawei Smartphone Production

Now according to the recent reports from several anonymous sources collected by the South China Morning Post, we have come to know that several Huawei smartphone production lines have been stopped just after the US ban. However, there had been no official words regarding this situation right now.

Furthermore, Foxconn is the largest manufacturer of electronic products that were on demand. It also works for the tech giant Apple and Xiaomi. Hence, after the ban on Huawei and all its consequences, informed sources have unveiled that the Chinese giant has reduced orders for new phones in recent days. They have simply frozen the production plants.

The president of Honor, George Zhao stated that:

“Since this new situation has arisen, it is too early to say if we will be able to achieve that goal. All these difficulties make us feel stronger from both mentally and in action”.

The Chinese giant Huawei has also admitted that it is reevaluating its goal of overtaking Samsung in 2020 due to the US ban. So, Let’s see what happens next now. Stay tuned for updates.

Image Credits: CNET

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