Huawei Is Creating Its Own Map Kit

Huawei is creating its own maps similar to google maps.

Huawei is taking major steps for its establishment. The company is developing is own map site. The suggested name is Map Kit. It is not a copy of Google Maps. Though, many functionalities are under construction. This service is not for consumers. New functionalities are designed for mapping structures and features.

Map Kit Details

The mapping service will be accessible in more than 140 and will be integrated with local maps. Further, it will assist about 40 languages, according to respective areas. The rumors say it will include augmented reality mapping, highly developed navigation facilities, and real traffic situations. and Yandex On Board

At present, Huawei has wisely chosen for Booking Holding and Yandex (People refer it as Russian Google) for its Map Kit. This news appeared when Huawei confirmed that it is developing its own Operating System i.e. HarmonyOS. This OS will be applicable in Huawei’s gadgets, smart TVs and wearables. HarmonyOS is not applicable to Huawei smartphones till now.

Ban on Huawei

Back in May, Google banned Huawei. Huawei was blacklisted by the US Government in the same month for security reasons. Since then, to compete with big companies like Google, Samsung, and Apple, Huawei is working on the alternatives. Map Kit will be an alternative to Google Maps. Huawei will not be dependent on Google anymore after developing its own Map Kit.

Location-Based Services

Another reason behind this also appears. Apps are using location-based services these days. Zhang Pingan, Huawei Cloud Services Officer told that about 50 percent of the total apps need maps to run properly. Nowadays, a built-in camera in smartphones also accesses the location. The other applications include Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Google Photos also use location-based services.

This business map will be launch in October, most probably. HarmonyOS major concern is integration with IoT devices as well. Huawei is working really hard to stand on its own feet.

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