Huawei may release its Monitors and PCs for gaming

Perhaps it’s a US ban, maybe it’s a boost for Xiaomi in the market for PC monitors. Either way, a credible source reports that Huawei as well as the PC industry are looking to penetrate the aforementioned industry. Flat and curved screens will be used with the brand of monitors. 

The curved panel displays will be sourced from TPV Technology, according to a source familiar with the matter, while the flat ones will come from BOEVT, which is a sub-brand of BOE. The curved displays are likely to be higher-end and would reach the demand for gamers. It would certainly be an exciting Huawei Gaming line and now we appreciate the licences that some American manufacturers have received to be able to collaborate with the Chinese giant that is rapidly a brand in the world.

The estimated sizes are 27 and 34-inches for the curved ones, while the flat ones would come in three different sizes, but so far no exact numbers have been announced. 


In addition, a report has been circulating all around that the company will soon join the PC market. The first Huawei computer system, built around its custom-made HiSilicon 7nm Kunpeng 920 3211 K processor, will use UOS, a chinese running software created by the China Electronic Team and Wuhan ShenZhiDuo technologies. Foxconn will produce the PC itself and the first batch will go to some of the enterprise customer of Huawei.  

However, at the Complete Link Conference in September last year, Huawei launched the Kunpeng 920 motherboard. For standard memory, it is consistent. “Regular” hard drives and network cards are also included. The same goes with most electrical products. It will, however, be especially targeted at business devices.

Intel was also supposedly given a licence to supply Huawei, so we will see Huawei Intel-powered PCs down the line. That is the degree to which the industry source reveals information, but as soon as more is known, we will update this page. 



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