Huawei May Use Aurora OS To Replace Android In Its Smartphones

The world’s second-largest smartphone maker, Huawei has been going through hard times as most of the US Companies broke their ties with it one after the other. GoogleQualcommIntelBroadcomARM, SD Association, JEDEC, as well as Wi-Fi Alliance banned Huawei. After that, we came to know that Facebook has suspended the Chinese tech giant from pre-installing its applications on upcoming Huawei phones. The Huawei US ban made things worse for the company. Now, the Chinese giant is looking for alternatives for its smartphones to work. Moreover, it seems that Huawei may have found a practical option in Russia. Some of the sources claim that Huawei may use Russian OS dubbed as Aurora OS in its upcoming handsets to replace Android.

Huawei To Use Russian OS To replace Android

Aurora OS is a mobile operating system and it is actually based on Sailfish OS. Furthermore, the Sailfish OS is basically designed by the Finnish technology company Jolla. Due to US Ban, the Chinese company Huawei may work on a replacement for Android with the Aurora OS.

The president of the Chinese giant Huawei, Guo Ping stated that:

“China is already testing several devices with the Aurora OS (operating system) pre-installed”. 

However, there had been no official words regarding this OS yet. In addition to that, a few days back, China’s Huawei signed a deal with the Russian carrier MTS to build its 5G network in order to commemorate the event. The deployment of Huawei 5G Network is a sign of a strong partnership between the two countries. It is clear from the declaration of the partnership between China and Russia that Russia is supporting Huawei when the United States is trying to ban the Shenzhen company across the globe.

So, let’s see what will be the strategy of Huawei to deal with the current circumstances. It is expected that Russia will support Huawei in its thick and thin.

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