Huawei Operating System HongMeng to Launch in June

Trump administration is determined to put Huawei technologies in the blacklist, stopping any kind of services or trade between the company and US. Android and Google, ARM, JEDEC, and many other US companies have suspended business dealings with Huawei effective immediately. Upon this, Huawei Users were shocked as they thought they might end up buying new devices. However, Huawei revealed that is already working on its own operating system and it is ready for all kinds of consequences. Huawei Operating System HongMeng is already prepared and will be rolling out in June.

Huawei Operating System HongMeng is all Set to Make its way to User’s mobiles

This advancement is said to be under process since 2012 and it had been secretly introduced into their system. For some days people thought it was just a stunt as name and the launch date was not announced by the Chinese tech giant. Later on, the name of the operating system was announced to be Hongmeng.

When the US government gave another 90 days to Huawei for settling all the deals, the company had said that it does not need any more time to operate and it has proved it by announcing the launch date of Huawei OS Hongmeng. Unexpectedly it is very near and all set to make its way to users in June this year.

While giving an interview to Tech Radar, Alaa Elshimy, managing director and vice president of Huawei Enterprise Business Group Middle East said that:

Huawei knew this was coming and was preparing. The OS was ready in January 2018 and this was our ‘Plan B’. We did not want to bring the OS to the market as we had a strong relationship with Google and others and did not want to ruin the relationship. Now, we are rolling it out next month.”

So, Don’t Worry! Huawei Users will Soon have Company’s Dedicated Operating System.

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  • Does Huawei New OS will Be Roll out For Old Huawei/Honor Device ??
    I mean Huawei mate 20, Huawei p30 pro, honor 8x, etc
    Please replay me dear…

    • As per our present understanding, the old devices will keep on functioning on Android. Maybe after the launch of Huawei operating system, it will incorporate it in all new devices

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