Huawei OS HongMeng Is Claimed To Be Faster Than MacOS As Well As Android

We had already shared it with you guys that Donald Trump has finally lifted the Huawei Trade Ban. After making things worse for the worlds’ second-largest smartphone maker, Trump has finally allowed the US Companies to start businesses with Huawei Again. According to the latest reports, Google would most likely allow Huawei to use Android and certify their phones. However, the CEO and founder, Ren Zhengfei stated that the Chinese company will not ignore the development of Huawei OS HongMeng.

Huawei OS HongMeng Will have A Processing Delay of Fewer Than Five milliseconds

The latest reports claim that the upcoming Huawei OS will be quite fast. It is expected to be faster than the macOS as well as Android. If that came out to be true, then Huawei’s OS will become the best of all. This thing has been further claimed by the CEO and founder of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei as well. He stated that the upcoming OS is possibly faster than Google’s Android OS speed-wise. Moreover, he also made the same statement regarding MacOS.

In addition to that, it is expected that this OS will also appear on laptops and computers. According to Ren Zhengfei:

“HongMeng OS has a processing delay of fewer than five milliseconds.”

According to me, this is just amazing. If the processing delay is fewer than 5ms then the speed of the OS will definitely be plenty fast. We had already heard such news before but we can’t say anything for sure until or unless we see what is being claimed.

Huawei is certainly taking advantage of its current situation and is working hard on the new OS to bring something new in the market. So, let’s wait and watch what comes next. Till then, stay tuned for more updates.

Laiba Mohsin

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  • Secondly, it is not about the speed of OS that matters anymore…major factor is Apps and Services available on each platform, iOS and Android. Users are not buying Android because it is amazing and didn’t buy Windows OS…They chose iOS or Android because availability of apps and services on these platforms. Would you like to buy Huawei if Google doesn’t provide all its services like youtube and maps on Huawei? Simple and realistic answer is NO. iPhone users in US often buy iPhone because of iMessage and FaceTime call option. They are little aware of Whatsapp. I hope you understand. Do read book “Platform Revolution” if need to understand how Network Externalities work in real world.

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