Huawei Revealed that Facebook and WhatsApp will keep on Working on its Devices

Huawei is in new from last month and its users are getting bad news on a daily basis. Huawei has been going through hard times as most of the US Companies broke their ties with it one after the other. GoogleQualcommIntelBroadcomARM, SD Association, JEDEC, as well as Wi-Fi Alliance banned Huawei. However a week back, we got even worst new that was: new Huawei phones will not come with pre-installed Facebook Apps. Huawei and Facebook along will create many circumstances for people.

Huawei and Facebook with Keep on Working together

Huawei users were very sad to know about it until yesterday, the Chinese tech giant confirmed that Facebook mobile application and its sister apps (WhatsApp and Instagram) will keep on functioning Huawei phones.

It’s just that media is playing a very bad role by spreading hoax after US Huawei Ban. All these fake news are causing confusions among the users of Huawei. Many analysts believe that the US is doing it in order to stop Huawei to be the first in the global rollout of 5G and they want US companies Verizon etc to attain the first slot in 5G Rollout. It seems to be true as China’s Huawei signed a deal with the Russian carrier MTS to build its 5G network in order to commemorate the event. Huawei’s Guo Ping stated that he is very happy with the agreement in an area of strategic importance like 5G. The deployment of Huawei 5G Network is a sign of a strong partnership between the two countries.

If Huawei would be stealing personal data through its equipment, why would Russia even collaborate with the company? Well, there is no need to worry, as you can still use Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp on your Huawei Smartphones.

Source: Android Authority

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