Huawei Users in US will Not be Able to Update their Phones

There is bad news for Huawei users in US! Now they will not be able to update their phones anymore, as the temporary license granted from the US department of commerce has expired. Soon it will be extremely hard for users to update their phones from the Chinese tech giant, and they will be left with only one option, which is to switch to other mobile brands.

Huawei’s ban story in the US is not new, and President Donal Trump has put Huawei and some other Chinese companies on the Entity List, which resulted in banning these companies from doing any kind of business with the US. The banning took place due to security issues, which were not proved; however, the US has all the authority to do this.

Huawei Users in US will Not be Able to Update their Phones

US Department of Commerce has been giving the temporary extension to Huawei rill now to help the Huawei system running smoothly. Now the 90 days extension has expired, and there is not extension till now, which clearly shows that some of the Huawei users in the US will have to face difficulty now.

Though Huawei kept on fighting for its right, it was indeed the story of jealousy more than any security issue to the country. In May, the US department had notified that users would be able to operate Huawei devices temporarily.

Extension provides an opportunity for users of Huawei devices and telecommunication providers—particularly those in rural U.S. communities—to continue to temporarily operate such devices and existing networks while hastening the transition to alternative suppliers.”

In some of the devices, the Android operating system will not even work. It means there will be no operating system updates and no security updates as well. Hover, devices that don’t have Google oriented systems, including P40 Pro are safe.

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