Huawei & Wi-tribe Teams Up to Launch 4.5G LTE Network in Pakistan

Huawei & Wi-tribe Teams Up to Launch 4.5G LTE Network in Pakistan. The HB group, which Purchased Wi-Tribe from Qatar’s National telecom company Ooeradoo has conformed that they have signed an agreement of partnership with Huawei to deliver fastest home broadband service.

Huawei & Wi-tribe Teams Up to Launch 4.5G LTE Network in Pakistan

Wi-tribe announced the contract of $15 million with the leading company of china Huawei. This partnership aims to introduce next generation LTE Advanced (LTE-A) technology in Pakistan, commonly known as 4.5G. Wi-tribe is the first company in South Asia and Middle East to deploy the technology on its 3.5Ghz spectrum.

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Chairman of the Wi-tribe Shahid Malik revealed that 100Mbps of speed will be delivered within next few months. By the end of 2018 this speed will be later on upgraded to 200Mbps and 400Mbps by 2019.

Shahid said:

This second investment is part of our $50m internet development vision for Pakistan. It is clear testament to our desire to bring world-leading technology and exceptional levels of satisfaction to our customers in Pakistan

Wi-tribe aims to be the leader of this broadband industry. They want to be the first one to launch fastest LTE services in the saturated industry of internet.

Wi-tribe is a technology pioneer not just in Pakistan but also across a whole region

Shahid Malik Added:


This was not an easy decision especially when large telecom operators are shrinking and shedding thousands of jobs . To invest as we have in this cut-throat environment represents a real belief in quality of Wi-tribe’s many hundreds of hard working staff across Pakistan

With the launch of 3G/4G services in Pakistan, a huge increase in broadband penetration is seen. Wi-tribe has been able enjoy an excellent uptake and retention of its services primarily due to their unique positioning in the industry as an operator providing high quality Home Broadband, excellent customer support and the best network uptimes in the industry.

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