Huawei’s Upcoming Phones Will Not Use Google Apps

Now, Huawei smartphones will come without Google apps.

Earlier, Huawei sales were banned by the US government. Due to this, Google could not allow its apps to run on to Huawei smartphones. It means that the upcoming phones will not have the facility of the most favored apps like Google Playstore and YouTube. Now, Huawei smartphones will come without Google apps.

Huawei Without Google Apps

Huawei is set to release its Mate 30 5G supported the next month. It will be Huawei‘s first-ever phone which will not have default Google apps. It will not be having apps like Google Photos, Maps, Play Store, YouTube or Pay. There were around 130 requests to renew the license, but unfortunately, the US government did not entertain any of them.

According to Huawei’s spokesperson

“Huawei will continue to use the Android OS and ecosystem if the US government allows us to do so. Otherwise, we will continue to develop our own operating system and ecosystem.”

Huawei has set up its own site named as Huawei Answers. This app will deal with all the queries regarding Huawei’s relationship with Android.

The company told

“Anyone who has already bought, or is about to buy a Huawei smartphone, can continue to access the world of apps as they have always done. All devices continue to be covered by our manufacturer’s warranty and will receive full-service support accordingly”

The tech experts say that Huawei without the support of Google can let the company down. As the users are now familiar with Google apps coming within Huawei. Further, Huawei will not have any access to the Play Store. It means it needs another way for users so that they can get apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter. Amazon also has its own system which does not use Google Play Store for downloading various apps. So, most probably Huawei will create its own App Store so that a user can access the apps.

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