Hybrid smartwatch: A blend of smartness and elegance

As much as we adore the features that the best smartwatch provides, there is no doubt that standard, non-smartwatches also look so much better. It is feasible to have something that looks like a normal watch and still gives a few of the key aspects of a smart watch.

What is Hyrbid Smartwatch?

As the names indicate, such watches are a mix of smart watches (usually those with touchscreens) and standard timepieces, with their physical hands and minimal features.

Hybrid smarwatch typically deliver a traditional-looking face, but with an additional dial or monitor details such as steps taken, hours of sleep, battery life, and mobile alerts. It connects via bluetooth connectivity.

Hybrids often get the advantage of a much improved battery life, as they do not have digital displays that need to be recharged every night.

Your walking, biking, riding, and occasionally even swimming are monitored and logged on-board accelerometers, and some hybrids have a vibration engine to alert you on your phone, or to wake you up with a silent alert.

Best Hybrid Smartwatches


Fossil Hybrid Hr Latitude

Fossil Men’s Collider Hybrid HR

Fossil is one of the most common watch brands in the market and its hybrid versions are no exception. The Fossil Men’s Collider Hybrid HR delivers over 2 weeks of standby time and has heart rate sensor, exercise tracking, mobile alerts, and music controls. The 42mm case is also available in a number of trendy types.

Withings Steel HR Sport

The Withings Steel HR Sport packs a heart rate sensor, is water proof to 50 metres and has a (rechargeable) battery life of up to 25 days. It also gives an estimation of the VO2 Max, an indicator of the actual amount of oxygen you can use during exercise, which can monitor up to 30 different types of exercise, as well as your sleep.

Misfit Command

A year of battery life, alerts and some simple fitness-tracking technology are the highlights of the Misfit Command hybrid smartwatch. When you get an alert to your wrist, the watch will vibrate and the sub-dial will show the form of notification text message, alert or calendar notification; this dial will also display your regular step count.



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