i-LIVE- Pakistan’s First ICU Ventilator

Pakistan is witnessing the third wave of Covid-19, which is more lethal than the previous one. With the increase in positive cases, the need for ventilators in hospitals is growing exponentially. Amid the deteriorating health care situation due to coronavirus in Pakistan, the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) has come up with i-Live, a much-awaited technological invention. It is Pakistan’s first ICU Ventilator (Intensive Care Unit).

In a press release issued by PAEC, it was revealed that they had chosen a team of hard-working engineers and scientists, who developed this ventilator by keeping in view all the necessary quality standards and regulatory requirements. While developing the ventilator, the team also took help from the PAEC doctors and incorporated their valuable feedback into the device.

PAEC develops Pakistan’s ‘first ICU ventilator’

According to the official statement, i-Live has not only passed the internal review but also autonomous reviews and testings that were carried on throughout the development. The team from Pakistan Innovation and Technology Centre (PITC) and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) was assigned the task to review it.

After this process, the engineers also took clinical trials of i-Live at the Jinnah Hospital Lahore under the supervision of senior doctors, biomedical engineers, and medical researchers. After passing all these trials, the ventilator has been awarded formal approval, licensing, and registration from the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (Drap).

While telling about i-Live, Shahid Riaz Khan, PAEC Spokesperson, said:

“The exercise opens new avenues for multidisciplinary experts from various fields like software, hardware, mechanical, bio-medical engineering, medical and quality management to come together and serve the nation in distinct ways.”

No doubt, it’s a great and much-needed initiative in days when COVID-19 is not contained. We hope to see more such inventions in the future.

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