IBM Launches Latest Power10 Chip For Sustaining Heavy Workload

International Business Machines (IBM) launches the latest Power10 chip for handling heavy workloads in business inside data centers. The Chip10 would be manufactured by Samsung. According to an estimation, the new chip will be able to handle three times the workload as compared to its predecessor.

IBM Launches Latest Power10 Chip For Sustaining Heavy Workload

The chip10 will encompass Samsung’s 7-nanometer (nm) chip manufacturing process, which is identical to the 7-nanometer technology that Advanced Micro Devices employs to have its chips produced by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing.

Recently, the popular chip manufacturer Intel stated that its next generation of manufacturing technology faces impediments due to which it has suffered delays, which analysts believe will enable its rivals to gain market share.

Both IBM and AMD depend on foreign chip manufacturers to compete against Intel Corp, the dominant provider of central processor chips in data centers and one of the few competitors left that both designs and manufactures its own chips.

For a long time, IBM has primarily focused on high-performance computing systems that encompass cutting edge technologies. The performance of IBM chips is evident as three of the world’s top-ten fastest supercomputers are currently using its chips. The company announced that the Power10 chip has been designed to be faster at artificial intelligence (AI) computing tasks than its predecessor, carrying out a similar amount of work but with 20 times faster speed than its previous generation of chip.

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