IBM quits making facial recognition technology

Over the past decade, facial recognition software has improved significantly kudos to development of artificial intelligence. IBM CEO Arvind Krishna today announced that the company would no longer sell face recognition services, calling for a “national dialog” on what should be used at all. He has also demonstrated approval for a proposed law aimed at growing police brutality and increasing transparency. 

IBM strongly opposes and will not deter the use of any [facial recognition] technology, including face recognition technology presented by other vendors, for state surveillance, systemic racism, breaches of fundamental human rights and freedoms or any purpose not in line with our values and principles of trust and transparency 

This meticulous approach to technology growth and implementation is not new: IBM demonstrated it last year with a major face-data platform that was more comprehensive than anything else at the time 

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Face identification, though, doesn’t seem to have earned the business much revenue, if any. To be fair, the technology is really in its infancy and there are few applications where it makes sense for an enterprise vendor like IBM. 

IBM told in a statement at the time that only confirmed researchers can access the data collection, which provided only photos that were accessible to the public. The organization has also said that the data collection may be opted out by individuals. 


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