ICT Projects Approved to Improve Women Entrepreneurship Skills

The National ICT R&D Fund’s Board of Directors on Wednesday principally approved three ICT projects for women entrepreneurship to help them improve their skills. The three approved projects include specialized training in areas of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills, ICT for Women Entrepreneurship Programme and scoping study for National Agriculture Information Management and Dissemination System.

The Board’s meeting was chaired by Minister of State for Information Technology, Anusha Rehman and was attended by Secretary IT, Azmat Ali Ranjha, Chairman PTA, Member Telecom, Member HR and other Board Members.

ICT Projects Approved to Improve Women Entrepreneurship Skills

The Chief Executive Officer, ICT R&D Fund was directed to liaison with Ministry of Agriculture and National Commission for Status on Women (NCSW) to get their inputs. Anusha Rehman said that:

“Although Pakistan is ranked 4th in terms of top earning freelance countries, however, the hourly rate for each developer is quite low. The ICT training program can help them to overcome their short comings to improve their skills while the ICT for women entrepreneurship programme will help in leveraging ICT capacity for benefit of women and girls. Therefore, this capacity building programme will be initiated in federal viz a viz provincial capitals simultaneously.”

Anusha Rehman said agriculture constitutes the largest sector of Pakistan’s economy with 24% contribution in GDP and having huge potential to become food basket in the central Asian region.

However, utilization of ICTs is required to address the needs of sustainable growth in agriculture to maintain food security and economic growth of the country. A National Agriculture Information Management and Dissemination System will be a step for achieving the goal.

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