Iftaar Dinner At Hall Road Lahore on 15th August 2012

Iftaar Dinner at Hall Road Lahore on 15th August, 2012
With the start of Ramadan, feasts and invitations of Iftaar increase. Keeping in view the sanctity of the holy month of Ramadan an Iftaar dinner for 2000 person was organized by the Union of Hall road Lahore (Anjuman-E-Tajaran) and their President Mr. Babar Mehmood from Khidmat Group on 15th August, 2012.

Iftaar Dinner At Hall Road of Lahore

Here are some of the pictures just take a look at them:

Banner of Club Mobile and Promotion of China mobile with 20days battery time

Huawei starts properpromotional campaign by placing boards and different boards of Hall Road Lahore

Board of pakistan’s Flag and different activities of Hall road Lahore on 15th August, 2012

The Union of the Hall Road welcomed all th guests heartily and the guests enjoyed their Iftaar with the union. This Union plays an increasingly important role in attempting to resolve crisis and problems of the mobile market in Lahore.

A Step to Resolve Crisis Among Mobile Market

This was a nice and positive step by Union of the Hall to resolve all the crisis between mobile market and the way the guest enjoyed the the Iftaar together create an environment of brotherhood.

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