Impact of Dual SIMs

Impact of Dual SIMs

Dual SIM handsets are gaining importance with the available tariffs and calling rates. Samsung is one among them with a variety of devices. The competition has compelled other manufacturers to meet the rising demands of such handsets. Nokia too has presented the market with such a handset. This is a good start for Nokia as the usual consumer in Pakistan has certain demands when it comes to choose the handset. Nokia can improve its penetration with its Dual SIM handsets since people have shown great interest in handsets like LG, Samsung, MegaGate, G-Tide etc. Samsung has also proven its iron in this business, upon discussion with the president of Black horse market, Mr. Asad.

Though he is very impressed with the Nokia and HTC yet he emphasized on the Dual SIM of Samsung like C6112, b5277 and 5212. Keeping in view the market trends and the consumer behavior he received a better response due to its features like live standby and better battery life. According to him these handsets are very economical ranging from Rs. 8.5K to Rs. 12.5K. In short to avoid carrying two handsets in a restricted space of our pockets or handbags, the dual SIM can make it much easier to manage our course of work.

Samsung Dual sim phones

According to Mr. Asad the general public of Pakistan keeps two cell phones. There are several reasons for this behavior. Some maintain one SIM contact as their permanent number and another one according to different operator packages. Moreover larceny of expensive gadgets has also compelled users to keep different handsets. So whichever the case, dual SIM with their nominal rates are gaining fame. It started with local known brands and now brands like Nokia and Samsung are also investing in them.

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