Import of Mobile Phones Touches $526.036 Million in Eight Months

Import of mobile phones in Pakistan has increased to 14.51 percent in first eight months of 2017-18. It has reached to $526.036 million while during the same period last year it was $459.380 million.

According to latest data issued by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), in February 2018, mobile phone imports remained the $69.779 million, which is increasing by 16.24 percent as compared to $60.029 million in February 2017. However decreased by 12.52 percent as compared to $79.762 million in January 2017.

Import of Mobile Phones Reaches $526.036 Million

Compared to same period last year, the telecom imports have increased 13.76 percent during July-February 2017-2018.

In July-February 2016-17, total telecom imports were to $882.175 million while it has reached to $1.003 billion during same period in this year. In February 2018, Telecom imports remained $127.388 million and registered 25.61 percent growth, as compared to $101.415 million in February 2017.

However, an increase in other telecom apparatus import has reached to 12.94 percent in July-February 2017-18 as it was $477.519 million against $422.795 million during the same period last year.

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